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    March 07, 2010


    Heidi Tobias Wong

    Was there myself and completely agree. Bring the kids, use it as a teaching moment and turn off your cell phones.

    Caroline Bender

    You are never too young to learn etiquette. Kids do have to learn how to behave in a theatre, a museum, a church. This is what children's events are for. The Lion King, while Disney-produced and family-friendly, is not Disney on Ice or The Wiggles show. It is not a sporting event. That is - audience participation is not encouraged. We did meet and sit with other families whose kids knew how much was expected from a trip to the Boston Opera House, and we thank them for taking the time to help their children become theatre patrons.

    ~~Resident Cranky Spinster

    Sharon Woodward

    Well said! I'm a mother of two young girls and couldn't agree more. Love #10!

    I'd like to add #11 - only take children that you think are ready for the theatre experience. While my
    3 1/2 year old would probably enjoy the show, I know she would make the people around her miserable.

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