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    January 15, 2008


    Ed Navis

    I fully agree. In my blog,, I recently spoke about the fact that the Millennials need a bit of patience as well. Youth always believes - in their heart of hearts - that they know better than anyone else. (I was like that, too. And when I was twenty-three, dinosaurs were shlepping through primordial ooze on their way to breakfast.)
    We do need to afford opportunity to everyone, mellennials, boomers, OGX, Nets, the works. In turn, each person needs to use those opportunities wisely.



    As you know this is a subject near an dear to my Gen X heart.

    Thanks for sharing!


    Most of the middle management at the Mill are about 10 years behind us. They do a pretty good job -- I think as good as we did then. And while the top brass are still "traditionally" aged for their roles, a lot of us middle-aged folks (I do not identify with "PC Generation," and think I am an OXG) are worker bees. Check my link to an essay on Youth and Management for more thoughts on this. CB

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